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Your Readers Are Ready

community encouragement imposter syndrome help mindset for writers writing community Sep 15, 2023

As writers, we’re often told that showing up is half the battle. And it is. But when you are neck-deep in the writing trenches and facing off writer curses such as loneliness and imposter syndrome, showing up consistently to your work can be one of the hardest things to do.

It’s easy, at those lowest ebbs, to forget the people who will one day read your book.

Dare I say it: the people who might even view you as one of their favourite authors.

It’s not a pipe dream. It’s very possible. Stand in any library or any bookshop in the world, to see the variety of books available and the readers browsing them, for evidence of that. There’s someone for every story. And there’s always the potential yours could change someone’s life – including your own.

But it’s getting there: that’s the rub. Writing in isolation can derail even the most confident and experienced of authors. This is where communities such as @quillandcup and the Instagram writing community are truly changing the world of writing: we can remind each other that there are readers out there, and to keep going, to keep showing up, because the demand is already there.

The readers are ready.

So, for today’s ‘Bestie’s Bookish Besties’, I want to try something a little bit different. These are just some of the lovely people who have offered words of encouragement on the work I’ve shared and reminded me of that simple truth: that the readers are ready.

It blows my mind that this has been the response so far to my book – and it truly makes a difference! Thank you!

This is a reflection posted by Quill & Cup member Margot Bestie on her Instagram @bestiewritesbooks. Bestie is fiercely supportive, extraordinarily enthusiastic, and keeps the Midnight Crew running (6am her time in Malta)! She proudly refers to herself as Quill & Cup's "token Brit" and we often find ourselves holding our sides from laughing so much (we swear we get work done, too).  Click on the image below to add a writer to your community who will be your cheerleader through and through!

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