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Quill & Cup is a sisterhood of women writers who are turning fear, uncertainty and doubt into the fuel for making their writing dreams a reality!

Together, we cure writer's block, overcome our writer's ego, continue learning more about craft and mindset in workshops and webinars, get real feedback from real writers, and thrive in a community of women writers who help you get your message out.

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A Place for Women Writers

Our women span the entire writing spectrum  from no idea but a burning desire to write, all the way through multi-series published authors.

No matter where you are on your writing journey, Quill & Cup can be your writing home. Come write with us!

Prickles & PUPs

Ensure you'll write by scheduling in a Prickle or PUP. Join other writers at our "kitchen table", catch up on your characters' lives and make progress on your work.

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Daily Coaching

Enhance your writing life with a 3-7 minute video on mindset or craft every M&F. Learning something new keeps your fingers on the pulse of your writing life!

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Weekly Webinars

Every week we bring in a guest speaker to dive deep into specific topics on writing. All webinars are recorded, so feel free to watch when it suits you!

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What can you expect from Quill & Cup?

Quill & Cup is a fiercely supportive sisterhood who is all about meeting you where you are and then challenging you - and holding your accountable - to do just a little bit more.

We're all about integrating writing into your daily life and helping you stay true to the promise you made to yourself to finally publish the story that won't let you go. Make progress on your work, improve your skills and sharpen your mindset as a writer and a woman always trying to be better than she was the day before.

Expect to find empowerment to continue meeting just manageable challenges and finding yourself celebrated when you enforce boundaries and make filling your cup a non-negotiable requirement of creativity!

Your Craft

We delve into the art and science of writing. In the hedgie house, learning never stops.

Your Mindset

When we learn how to identify what's holding us back, it no longer has power over us.

Make Progress

Every Prickle and daily coaching is progress on your work. Every weekend you rest matters.



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