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Transformational Writing Retreat

fill your cup in-person retreat retreat Jun 29, 2023

If I could describe the Quill & Cup writers retreat in one word, I’d say it was "transformational."

That’s the word I used when talking about it with my therapist last week.

It was as if the retreat took hold of all the loose cables inside me, wound them together, and connected them to a battery. It jumpstarted my creativity, it helped me reconfigure where I want my writing self to exist and go, and it kept me from beating myself up for not being further along.

But more than that, the retreat helped me merge my writing self with the rest of my self. It helped me understand how to better advocate for myself and my writing while also pushing back again imposter syndrome (which is always threatening writers).

Quite a few of my Hedgie sisters said, “Zoom Sarah is so different from in-person Sarah. Are we getting to see the full you?”

But the truth is, I felt more like me while I was there than I have in a long time.

I laughed more there than I have in a long time.

I had more energy there than I’ve had in a long time.

So much of me was fully in tune and rearing to go every day, to connect, to learn, to listen, to THINK.

I’ve been home for almost too weeks, and I’m STILL thinking about it, still processing everything I learned, still accepting how these two parts of me have merged together.

This is a reflection posted by Quill & Cup member Sarah Peachey on her Instagram @keepitpeachey. In the spirit of leading with a servant-heart here in the Hedgie House, we appreciate Sarah's quick replies in our Sisterhood Slack when someone has a question about editing or publishing! Click on the image below to add a writer to your community who has so much know-how on the publishing industry (she's an editor for a small press!) and shares it widely! 

In Quill & Cup, we see each other on Prickles regularly - or not at all, depending on the time of day and time zone. But on four Saturdays of the year at our virtual retreats? Hedgies know they can gather at the table and get to know Hedgies better - or finally get to meet those they haven't had a chance to greet! 

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