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Gift Ideas for Writers

tools for writers writer tools Nov 24, 2023

Quill & Cup Holiday Gift Guide

By Saleema Ishq

When the writer in your life exclaims, “I’m writing a novel!,” they’re entrusting you with some very special information. That’s a big sign of trust, and it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual. With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect time to show your support with a gift that speaks to their literary soul. And who knows, one of these presents might just help you secure a spot in their “Acknowledgements” section!

  1. Literary Candle: Creativity involves all the senses, including smell. Give your bookish bud a little whiff of writing inspiration with a literary candle. Some come in fun scents like “New Books,” whereas others have cute bookish labels. And if you can’t find writing-specific candles, fear not. Quill & Cup member/Hedgie (because quill à hedgehog à hedgie!) Allison Preston got me hooked on the Honeycrisp Apple scented candles from Trader Joes, which are equally delicious and affordable.
  2. Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout? by Becca Syme: Dear Writer Are You In Burnout was a recent Hedgie House Book Club pick and is nothing short of life changing. Truly! Even if the special writer in your life isn’t currently in burnout, the tips and strategies in this book can help them avoid it so they can continue doing what they love. 
  3. Quill and Cup Membership: Writing can be an incredibly isolated activity, but it doesn’t have to be. If the writer in your life is yearning for a community of fiercely supportive female writers to share her challenges and achievements with, a Quill & Cup Gift Membership is the perfect holiday present. We can’t wait to welcome her in with a big hedgie hug!
  4. Lap Desk: Does your favorite writer like playing “musical chairs” during their creative time? We all know comfort is key when getting the words down. A lap desk can provide them with a sturdy surface to rest their laptop, notebook, or other devices while taking the pressure off their lap.
  5. Waterproof Notepad: Writers get ideas everywhere, and we do mean everywhere! Gift your favorite writer a waterproof notepad so they never forget another creative shower idea.
  6. Writerly Mug: You’ll never find a writer without some kind of hot beverage on their desk. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or warm apple cider, we’re all about filling your cup, and why shouldn’t it be a cute one? Pick a mug with a fun writerly phrase like “I Craft Worlds With Words,” “I Turn Coffee Into Books,” or get one custom made with your writer’s favorite phrase on it. Need ideas? Check out this "#idkbabes" mug to help the writer in your life beat imposter syndrome!
  7. Writer Affirmation Deck: Writer-focused affirmation cards are a perfect source of inspiration for the author who needs a little boost of confidence. It happens to all of us at some point in the process!
  8. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: Writers-on-the-go always appreciate tools that can help them get their words in while out and about, like a foldable bluetooth keyboard. Hedgie Margo Bestie was gifted one for her birthday and has raved about how convenient it is to pull out and use to type on her phone whenever inspiration hits.
  9. Books: All writers are first and foremost readers. Even though our TBR (to-be-read) lists are never-ending, it’s never a bad idea to gift a writer books. Check out some of our favorites by Quill & Cup authors or peruse the new releases on Goodreads!
  10. Writer Stickers: There’s just something about stickers that makes every author giddy. They’re inspiring, aesthetic, and just downright cute! Plus, they can spruce up anything from a notebook to a water bottle. Check out this one that will reminder them to rest!

Bonus: Hedgehog Anything! Looking for a gift for a Hedgie - or a member of Quill & Cup? You can’t go wrong with anything hedgehog-themed! Think notebooks, pens, stuffed animals, or whatever else you think they’ll appreciate. The options are endless!

If you’re a writer, what was the best gift you ever received? We’d love to know! 

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