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Game-changing method for rest AND productivity

permission to rest productivity tool writing process Jul 17, 2023

Do you dwell in Possibility, too?

For me, it's currently a Monday afternoon, when I'm usually cranking out tasks straight out of the gate because I've given my chance to really rest on the weekends. I'm extremely protective of my weekends - that is sacred time; fill your cup time, and you can't create on Monday if you're burning at both ends on a Sunday.

At the time of writing this initial newsletter (that I decided needed to be a blog post, too), I was on a Prickle with five other women from around the world, including a guest Hedgie! There's something so special about getting the chance to welcome new women and fresh stories to the table.. you never know who will find their next ARC, beta, critique partner, or true-blue-genuine friend as a result of the guest having the courage to try something new. We have witnessed the ripple effects of someone choosing to join us on a Prickle. It's all very Emily Dickinson when she writes, "I dwell in Possibility."

And don't we all dwell in Possibility? We have stories on our hearts that can be, and then we work so hard on them so that they are. Literally everything you've ever written wouldn't exist if it weren't for YOU. That's incredible. Magic.  

The tough part of dwelling in Possibility? Reality doesn't stop. Obligations are front-and-center. Circumstances we did not plan for barge onto our life's stage. To-dos keep getting added to the list. Responsibilities rack up (both those that are yours and those you make yours for one reason or another).

For me? That reality is a growing baby in my fifth month of a miracle pregnancy where keeping my eyes open for focus work was not an option. I had to nap. I also needed a clear head in order to make that nap happen, guilt free.

I'm talking about my work for Quill & Cup here, but let's put this in the scope of writing. 

Often, we can't even THINK about writing until THAT stuff is done. You KNOW the resistance and hesitation you have felt to sit down and make time for writing when other obligations feel like they need your attention -- they're the tasks that keep running through your mind with signs that say, "Don't forget me! Don't forget me!" when all you want is the sweet relief of sleep.

When that happens, I know it's time to hit the PAUSE button jusssttt long enough to run these thoughts and to-dos through the Eisenhower Matrix. But first, I write down EVERYTHING that feels like it's demanding my attention. Why is it running through my mind? Because I don't want to forget anything. But if it's written down.. it's named. It's identified. It's a sign to Future Ania that I will get this done, don't worry. Doing so helps me make sense of them, prioritize them, see if they're even necessary to my life -- and make a plan to get them done. It also helps me empty my brain so I can sleep.

Once the needful is done - or at least planned - I can prioritize my writing, guilt-free!

If you'd like to run your tasks through the Eisenhower Matrix tool, the Daily Coaching video that members received last month is above!

Here's the brief explanation of how to use an Eisenhower Matrix:

1. Write down ALL the tasks, thoughts, and ideas in your mind.

2. Create the following table and then fill out the tasks appropriately, based on their urgency and importance in YOUR life. Don't forget to keep asking yourself, "WHY is this on the list?" If there's even a hint of people-pleasing effort or "should do"s (but not "want to"s), then consider deleting them altogether.

P.S. I know I say this lightly, but I personally know it's so hard. Advocating for your time requires setting (and enforcing) internal/external boundaries that require work, effort, and energy like strengthening muscle does. My favorite boundaries coach is Hailey Magee. I don't get anything from sharing her class on Empowered Boundaries for the Recovering People-Pleaser except satisfaction that the class might help you like it did me, too). 



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